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alkit : a tiny tool to manage system from template


inspired by the funtastic archconf2020 (can haz more plz?:D) i just could not resist to release this earlier than planned. so consider this as request for comments. (especially if such tool already exists? and about that fstab thing >.<*)

   alkit <command> <arguments>
   status   show status of template files in system
   diff     show difference of template files in system
   pull     pull template files from system
   push     push template files to system
   zap      partition and format disk according to template
   mount    mount disk according to template
   strap    pacstrap system according to template
   clone    shortcut to run zap, mount and strap

note that this tool is not yet in "live/production" (so not 100% sure it will work in the long run), and cause of time/interest i (actually found another rabbit hole on top of this already, but shhhhh!) currently only care about:

  • "system files" : so project/personal/secret files are out-of-scope

  • 1 gpt disk : cause ssd. and non-system disks are out-of-scope

  • ext4 and vfat : or anything that has mkfs.*

  • uefi boot : cause its the closest thing to "everything is a file"

  • arch linux : but i guess only strap is hard-coded to pacstrap


ps. sorry for the missing uppercase letters, but i just couldn't be bothered with that before 1.0 release (and would rather automate it, nudge nudge wink wink)


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