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how to disable window shadows on GTK/MATE from a metacity theme ?

I am using MATE with the WinMe metacity theme which I copied to WinMeCustom, edited it to suit my preferences, and so far so good.

One thing I cannot manage to find is good and authoritative documentation.

The GTK+2 reference manual was my point of entry but it is seems in many areas is outdated and not well maintained. GTK here on the archwiki proved helpful as an entry point as undestanding metacity themes (posted on 2008) which proved more detailed and insightful specifically for an explanation of all the properties that can be set for a window border.

There is nothing like a window shadow property on the metacity1 theme; thus, I presumed the shadow could be managed by the marco window manager so I searched all its settings with dconf and found nothing relevant. I also searched the settings for /org/gtk/ but there there are settings for the file and palette choosers and such trivial things.

I am aware that to, standardize my desktop appearance such as a classic (and early) Window clone (think Windows 98 era, just up to and not including XP) I should customize three main different themes:

  • the metacity theme: window borders only

  • the GTK theme: window borders and controls

  • the QT theme: window borders and controls

For the time being I do want to just get the metacity theme right and the only thing I cannot manage to is to disable the window shadow.


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