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weird ACPI Bios Errors & other

first of all, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum section, if it is plz move it to the appropriate section but when I was investigating this problem Can't get AMD Radeon R9 380 to work these errors were pointed out to me by Lone_Wolf that appears as some kind of a problem with the sata, and it was suggested to open a new topic later for it, so I am, problem is, I have no clue what these errors are or even what they mean, or if they are even significant or not to ignore ... can someone help me out with this?

here is my journalctl -k and full dmesg.log

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Re: weird ACPI Bios Errors & other

These messages can happen and can generally be ignored if you don't notice anything not working. The only "real" thing you can do here is update your ACPI tables by getting a UEFI/firmware update, but if you don't notice anything not working you shouldn't hang yourself up on these ACPI messages.


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