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KDE Plasma not loading profile on boot (external display)

Hi all,

Since a few months (sorry, can't be more specific) KDE Plasma doesn't load my "profile" (if there is such a thing) on boot. Instead, I get what looks like a default desktop with icons but no panels and a default wallpaper. Normally I have a panel at the bottom, no desktop icons and a custom wallpaper from a previous KDE release. I can workaround the problem by running

kquitapp5 plasmashell; kstart5 plasmashell

but that isn't a good fix.

What I have found is that it only seems to happen when an external display is already connected before booting. Without it, it seems to start with no issues. I have searched the forum and found the following:

[Solved] KDE Plasma 5.19: Panels gone after update
I tried to remove the plasma* files in ~/.config but no joy.

KDE - Dual monitor not working properly
No fix, uses the same workaround as I do

KDE not saving changes on exit
Where the problem is magically fixed after a reboot and no cause is determined with certainty.

Have I missed something obvious? Is there another location KDE stores its config or is there a way I can follow its start process to see what it is trying to load and where it fails? What confuses me is that it works fine after restarting plasmashell, even within a second from getting a working terminal on the desktop. I haven't implemented this as an autostart task yet.

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