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efi32iso - Remaster an Arch ISO with 32bit EFI

The Arch ISO does not support booting on 32bit UEFI machines (e.g. many cheap baytrail devices). Quite some time ago I've written a script to remaster the ISO with an 32bit efi loader. I don't have any 32bit UEFI device anymore, but maybe someone else will find this useful, so I decided to share it here. It is an easy way to get a bootable ISO for 32bit UEFI devices.

The Script


1. Download the Arch ISO
2. Run the script and pass the ISO file as parameter, e.g.

efi32iso ~/Downloads/archlinux-2020.10.01-x86_64.iso

3. Will create


What it does

It just adds bootia32.efi created with grub-mkstandalone to the ISO, all other things are untouched.

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