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#1 2004-02-14 17:42:18

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I want to run KDE as root?

It seems that I can't run KDE 3.2 as root.
Anyone know how I can do this?

I like being able to run KDE as root, because I like the GUI environment for setting up new users etc.

I could do this in Gentoo.

Also I don't run it as root all the time, and yes I know about the security risks involved, but it's on my home PC, and it's what I want to do.

When I run startx from root it complains it can't find startkde.




#2 2004-02-14 17:58:16

Mr Green
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Re: I want to run KDE as root?

Well you can run as root when you log in (KDM)

It is not a good idea to run as root all the time....but then its your system you can do what you want...

Have you got

exec startkde

In your .xinitrc file ?

Mr Green

Mr Green


#3 2004-02-14 18:07:13

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Re: I want to run KDE as root?

Aro you logging in as root, or just doing an 'su'?  If you're just doing an 'su', try 'su -'.  That will make it a login prompt, instead of a just changing the uid.

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