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Thinkpad E580 - No low battery warnings and etc. since recent updates


Since a recent update (about a week ago) I started having issues with power management on my laptop.

My desktop (KDE Plasma 5) is configured to warn me about low battery when there is >10% charge and suspend on 5%, however that stopped happening, I get no warning and the laptop just shuts down because the battery protection kills power.. and anything I was doing.

Another problem is that I noticed new settings in the battery configuration in KDE in power management -> advanced settings. It appears that it should allow me to configure the battery thresholds using GUI, however when I want to save them the panel asks me for a password (so it does "something"), now when I close the panel and open it once again the old default settings are still there.
I'm sure I changed them twice and they still won't save.

What logs do I need to search for? What might the issue? The thresholds from my tlp config seem to still apply.

Kernel: 4.19.150-2-lts


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