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Plymouth Smooth transition SDDM

I have Plymouth configured and it appears to be working, using the spinner theme with a fullscreen background image that is the same as the SDDM background image.

However I can't get a smooth transition from the Plymouth screen to the SDDM login screen. The screen clears to black before the mouse cursor appears followed by the SDDM login screen. That gives the impression of a video mode change although there doesn't actually seem to be one as pressing escape to enter text mode during boot results in the mouse cursor appearing with the text on the screen just before the SDDM login. So it looks like SDDM isn't doing the screen clear.

I'm using sddm-plymouth.service.

Is there a way to tell Plymouth not to clear the screen before SDDM starts? That way there would be a very smooth transition between Plymouth and SDDM as the background image for both is the same in my case.

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