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#1 2020-11-19 03:59:23

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BOINC user idle detection not functioning

For a bit of time now, my BOINC client is not able to detect when the user is idle. When inspecting the logs, these messages appear:

[idle_detection] Error (2) opening /tmp/.X11-unix/.
[idle_detection] Could not connect to any DISPLAYs. XSS idle determination impossible.

This seems to have worked previously, though I cannot determine what change affected this. I tried downgrading the BOINC package to the previous version (currently 7.16.11-1, previously 7.16.10-1), but this yielded the same result.

I'm wondering if perhaps this is the result of some sort of missing dependency, or maybe a permissions issue, but I'm not sure what to check. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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