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[SOLVED]Can't boot an LVM on LUKS with systemD-boot

Dear Arch-users,

I'm busy with a dry-run in an virtual environment to have the following setup: I want an LVM on a Luks partition booted with Systemd-boot I followed the Arch Linux installguide but I can't seem to boot the system.

Waiting 10 seconds for device /dev/disk/by-uuid/a1684bc3-b161-a7df-478d799529b5 ....
Waiting 10 seconds for device /dev/mapper/lvm-root
You are now being dropped into an emergency shell
sh: can't acces tty; job control turned off 

My bootloader config is as following

Title Arch Linux
linux /vmlinuz-linux
initrd /initramfs-linux.img
options cryptdevice=UUID=a1684bc3-b161-4994-a7df-478d799529b5:lvm-root root=/dev/mapper/lvm-root rw

I'm used the UUID from /dev/mapper/lvm-root I should have been using the UUID from the encrypted device /dev/sda2,.. What did we learn today? Read read read, don't assume thnx  for coming to my TED talk.

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