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PKGBUILD reviw requests - grub-suse-git | snap-pac-grub-suse

first of all you dont need to read the text it is only explaining how the PKGBUILD are made and which patches are used.
I would like to get a review for 2 packages and maybe a third if there would be a chance go get it in.

First I created a PKGBUILD for grub-git with patches from Suse for booting from the default subvolume (for a system with snapper rollback like discriben in ).
Maybe the naming isn't perfect yet because someone could think it has all patches from Suse and the grub-snapper-plugin script intigrated. There is also added to the package 80_suse_btrfs_snapshot
Also I had to modify some of the patches because the missing ones.

The second request is for snap-pac-grub-suse which uses the script in grub-suse-git to update the snapshot menu in grub every time snap-pac makes a snapshot.

The folders with the PKGBUILDS is on my google drive … sp=sharing

The third package would be a modified manjaro-architect-snapper were i dont know if it would be acepted
In this package i modified the bootloader selection with additional grub-suse entry but were you need to copy the packages above in the installation target (obviocly because the missing aur packages) also the entry asks if you want to install snapper and you can configure a few things there.
Last addition is a new menuentry when you create subvolume you can select the configuration mentioned above in the installation forum post.

Thanks very much for help and anwsers and sry for the long text and poor english.


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