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xmenu, xnotify and xclickroot: X11-ricing utilities

I'm phillbush (ignore my username, I created this account some time ago when I did not want to share my real name), and I want to share some programs of mine.
I wrote some utilities for ricing the X11, that you might find useful.

The first of them is xmenu, a utility for creating desktop/launcher menus like the ones on openbox and other WMs.
It receives a menu specification from the stdin, displays a menu, and outputs the selected entry. Kinda like how dmenu works.

The second of them is xclickroot, a utility that watches for right-clicks (or other button clicks) on the root window, and runs a command when that button is clicked.
It was created for spawning xmenu when the user right-click the desktop, simulating the behavior of openbox.
However, xclickroot is known to not work on some window managers, such as herbstluftwm.
Other window managers, such as dwm, provide a native way to bind right-click on the root window to a command, so xclickroot is not needed for them.

xnotify is my newest program.  Like herbe, it is a notification system that works without dbus.
Xnotify works with the help of a named pipe. You pipe a line into xnotify stdin, and it displays a notification for the user.
Xnotify also features displaying image, setting the time of a notification, outputing a command when clicking a notification with the right mouse button, etc.
You can even control the colors of a notification from the stdin!

All those programs have man page and are fully documented both on their github README and on the man page.
However, English is not my first language and I have some trouble on writing technical manuals in English, so the man pages might have some errors. I apologize that and ask for pull requests in order to fix those errors.

I created this thread to get feedback on how well these utilities work on different Arch Linux systems.
As I make other utilities, I will update this post.

Bonus: I also have a dmenu replacement, but it is not maintained anymore.

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