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#1 2020-12-19 04:48:13

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What is holding up Cura 4.8 release?

Hi all,

As of right now, the latest version of Cura (the most popular slicer for 3D printing) in the Arch repo is 4.7.1 yet the latest release of the software is 4.8.0. After an extensive beta testing, version 4.8 was released on Nov 10 which is almost 40 days ago.

What is holding it up? I don't remember ever having to wait this long to get new software from the official Arch repo. I can easily install 4.8 with many other distros so I'm curious what's going on.

Thanks for any info.

Please vote for all the AUR packages you're using. You can mass-vote for all of them by doing: "pacman -Qqm | xargs aurvote -v" (make sure to run "aurvote --configure"  first)


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Re: What is holding up Cura 4.8 release?


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Re: What is holding up Cura 4.8 release?

What version of python are the "many other distros" using?


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Re: What is holding up Cura 4.8 release?

Batou wrote:

What is holding it up?

Gee, what on earth could it be? It's the end of the year, in which we have watched a global pandemic kill hundreds of thousands and yet, inexplicably, volunteers aren't devoting every single fucking minute of their time packaging some software that you do easily do yourself if you got off your fat arse and made an effort, as opposed to a whiny post here.

No wonder the world is going into the toilet: we have reached peak entitlement.

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Re: What is holding up Cura 4.8 release?

Have you tried at least to update it yourself by bumping the pkgver?


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Re: What is holding up Cura 4.8 release?

arcus,  uranium,  curaengine,  libsavitar,  cura-binary-data,  cura-resources-materials then cura all updated to 4.8.0 built without issue,  just needing pkgver and checksum updates.


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Re: What is holding up Cura 4.8 release?

Batou, as the archwiki says:
Q: When will $package be in the repos?
A: When it is ready. If you find this answer unsatisfactory, you can always build your own package using asp.

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