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#1 2006-10-21 15:35:57

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New kernel installation after -Syu

It would be nice to put the instructions how to modify the lilo.conf file in the installation instructions when pacman -Syu installs a new kernel.
So the new user would not waste so many hours to try links that are outdated like:
and totally useless.
It would be so simple to tell the user to change the line intird=initrd26.img to initrd=kernel26.img.
After 3 hours of looking everywhere, reinstalling and crashing the system time after time, chatting on IRC, I found out by myself and by accident that it is all there's to do.

Thank you


#2 2006-10-21 21:56:56

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Re: New kernel installation after -Syu

I do believe this is pretty well covered here: … tcpio#GRUB
The information is there, and if you read the messages from pacman, it'll tell you to upgrade to mkinitcpio, and thus you have your wiki search string right there.

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