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Keyboard kernel module Logitech MX keys for MACOS

Hello guys,

I have a Logitech MX Keys for MACOS and IOS keyboard. I bought it because I thought it would be the same as the "general" version of this keyboard (as that one is supposed to be compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS and the keyboard are identical except the key names). Nevertheless, they're not the same. It seems that this keyboard is supposed to work only on macOS and IOS.

By default, it pairs well and can be used in Linux and Windows, but the layout doesn't feel right and there are a lot of useless keys.

I tried using solar as an alternative to Logitech options to try using a Linux layout but in the "set OS" option there are only MacOS and IOS option available. I've tried to return it without success so now I think that I'm just patching whatever I need and use it anyway.

And here is my question. I've been looking for a while and reading some interesting topics as the Apple keyboard page: and some of the indications of this guide work for me.

Nevertheless, the options related to hid_apple doesn't seem to work and I think that the OS isn't actually associating the keyboard to an apple one but a Logitech one. I've also tried installing the AUR package "un-apple-keyboard" ( but it doesn't seem to work as well.

I just want some directions to have a better understanding of how does kernel modules apply to keyboards. How do I should ask the OS to know which kernel module is associated with the keyboard? That could be changed to indicate that this keyboard is an apple one? Would it be recommended?

Also, if anyone has done something before I would appreciate any extra help with this workaround!

Best regards big_smile

---- Some extra info about the keyboard ---

Output of `libinput list-devices`

Device:           Logitech MX Keys Mac
Kernel:           /dev/input/event24
Group:            7
Seat:             seat0, default
Capabilities:     keyboard pointer
Tap-to-click:     n/a
Tap-and-drag:     n/a
Tap drag lock:    n/a
Left-handed:      disabled
Nat.scrolling:    disabled
Middle emulation: disabled
Calibration:      n/a
Scroll methods:   button
Click methods:    none
Disable-w-typing: n/a
Accel profiles:   flat *adaptive
Rotation:         n/a

(I'm not sure about the meaning of that /dev/input/event24)


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