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[SOLVED] Gnome Night Light not working on MacBook Pro 8,2

Hi everyone,

first of all I apologize if my English won't be so good as it's not my mother language.

A few days ago I've installed Arch on my MacBook Pro 8,2 (Early 2011) with Gnome as DE.

I've noticed Night Light never works, in both Wayland and Xorg, regardless set to "Manual" or "Sunset to Sunrise".

Honestly I do not know what to check to troubleshoot this and googling for it never returned something useful. That's why I ended up posting here for advice.
I've checked also the Wiki, but it doesn't mention anything particular to make this feature working properly and I admit I don't have any clue of what to check to solve this (my knowledge of Linux is not so good).
So, on my own, what I've already attempted without success has been:

- ensure Location Services is turned on

- setting a color profile

- using latest kernel and LTS kernel

Here a screenshot of neofetch with some further details about my configuration:

FluxBB bbcode test
(Please note that I've updated already both latest and LTS kernels since that screenshot)

Driver in use for the graphic cards, according to "lspci -v" are:

- Intel: i915

- ATI: radeon

Before installing Arch I was using Fedora 32 and 33 since last May and Night Light always worked successfully out of the box.

Thanks everyone!


ATI Radeon GPU avoided Night Light to work, I had to force the use of integrated Intel GPU. Why it wasn't working with ATI GPU is still a mistery, but at least now Night Light is working!

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