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#1 2021-01-14 11:50:16

From: Łaguszów, Poland
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Framebuffer fun!

I did some fun with framebuffer, this is not working terminals, everything is hardcoded, but works!
What I did is a few functions that:
- opens/closes framebuffer device
- mmap/unmmap framebuffer device
- fill background
- draw (un)filled rectangle
- prints a character (8x8 bitmap in font struct, code from: … ontStd.HC)
- puts a string (using printing-character function)

I think that i would make it more usable, i plan to make simple library that will make few "framebuffers" which will be malloc-ed memory, and this memory will be shared between program and FWin (Framebuffer Window System) "server".
I also plan to make everything in most Xorg-way - this will speed up rewriting simpler Xorg programs like dmenu or st


What do you think about this experiment? What should be implemented next?


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