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#1 2021-01-19 18:35:50

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Realtek drivers

Hello. I have the realtek sound chip Realtek ALC892 and my speakers work but my headphones dont.
I have dual boot with windows 10 and i have drivers on windows but i can't find them for arch.
I tried to see if my headphones are muted in alsamixer but they are not.
Is there any solution?


#2 2021-01-21 15:16:23

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Re: Realtek drivers

Hi - I had a similar issue with Realtek ALC887 on an MSI B450i motherboard. It actually wasn't a driver issue for me - I solved it by the following:

- Run 'alsamixer'
- Press F5 to go to 'all'
- Change Channel to 4ch, make sure your respective volumes are > 0.

This fixed it for me in my situation. Hope this helps!

Edit: As a followup, this appears to sporadically work, but not all the time. The mic seems to work for about 5 minutes after this, then no longer works, and I have to go back in and flick between 2 and 4 channel mode to seemingly 'activate' it again.

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