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How to set ranger fm glyphs? (Solved)

Hi all.

I am trying to get

I have installed the source nerd fonts … r/complete

put it in my /usr/share/fonts/ folder and activated them in my alacritty.yml (the fonts did physically change, so I guess it did work).

I thank ran both the commands, as written in the first link. They both worked and "default_linemode devicons" is also written in the rc.lua file, as it should.

Still, nothing changed in the ranger app. Nothing. It is not that some glyphs are not displying, it is more that, nothing is displaying.

What am I missing? (I am running Arch 5.10.8, have awesome wm and alacritty)


Fixed it. It was a problem with my "locale", see … -702614344  (P.s., ofc. one has to restart the PC after the locale update etc.)

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