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#1 2021-01-25 03:16:11

From: Saint-Hippolyte, Qc
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Pipewire and redirecting music to Google Meet.

I'm running an up to date Arch Linux laptop with KDE.
Recently, I decided to try Pipewire-pulse following instruction in the wiki.  Everything seemed to work at first.
As i'm a teacher and have to use Google Meet to teach online, i sometimes need to stream some music from local files to my students using Google Meet. 
While doing that, i simply use Pavucontrol and while being on recording tab, i switch from "built-in audio analog stereo" to "monitor of built-in audio analog stereo" and my students hear what i hear in my headphone.

Using Pipewire-pulse, i'm not able to do that.  There's a monitor option in recording tab in Pavucontrol, but it's unselectable.

I revert back to Pulseaudio, but am tempting to find the solution.

Am I missing something here?


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#2 2021-03-06 18:59:45

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Re: Pipewire and redirecting music to Google Meet.


I have the same issue, I cannot redirect any recording app to a "monitor" interface in pavucontrol since I switched to pipewire.
I guess I have to revert back to pulseaudio for now.
I would be interested to know about a fix.

Thanks !


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