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XPS 15 9500 Freeze (Storage)


I have been having issues with my XPS 15 9500 with an KXG60PNV2T04 NVMe KIOXIA 2048GB SSD. I have Arch Linux installed with LUKS encrytion and BTRFS for the root file system, my main desktop environment is KDE Plasma which has Nvidia Optimas setup with the Optimas Manager set to hybrid mode.

I have tried multiple items to resolve the issue including enabling enabling discard support for LUKS and setting up file system trim with the fstrim.timer, and with the BTRFS discard option. I have also tried disabling APST per the information at … ing_(APST)

Reviewing the freezing, it only really freezes applications which try to access the disk. For an example, during the freeze if I try to scroll through and already loaded page in Firefox, I can. But loading a new page will freeze until the event is over and disk activity works again, likely due to it trying to load cache from disk. I started to examine the issue with iotop, which usually show disk activity until the freeze happens, then when the freeze happens it shows no activity on disk.

I recently tried monitoring with netdata which shows some interesting things in the Pressure Stall Information where it freezes pulling information until the freeze is over, then the pressure stall information and nice on the CPU spikes.

Any information on things I can try to fix or troubleshoot this odd issue would be helpful.

Thank you!

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