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Re: Intel Ax200 bluetooth not working

1) Create a "bluetooth" group which will be granted with <allow send_destination="org.bluez"/> on bluez's d-bus config

$ sudo groupadd bluetooth

2) Open the following file with your favorite text editor

$ sudo nano /etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluetooth.conf

And add the following lines:

    <policy group="bluetooth">
    <allow send_destination="org.bluez"/>

Save your changes.

3) Add your login user to "bluetooth" group

    $ sudo usermod -aG bluetooth <loginuser>

4) In the file
sudo nano /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

add the following

5) Reboot the system.

systemctl restart bluetooth.service
systemctl status bluetooth
systemctl start bluetooth
systemctl enable bluetooth

7) Then use "bluetoothctl" (without sudo)
$ bluetoothctl
[bluetooth]#  <-- notice the prompt has changed

8) run the following commands:
power on
agent on
scan on

(now the device gets detected, and shows mac address)

9) use the pair command: pair <mac address> 
(example) pair 00:ff:aa:99:d3:a1

then use trust command so that the device will always pair.  trust <mac address>
trust 00:ff:aa:99:d3:a1


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