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qemu-nbd Failed to open /dev/nbd0, no such file or directory

It started happening after last upgrade I guess. qemu-nbd fails to find /dev/nbd0 despite it's existence and module being loaded.

$ sudo modprobe nbd max_part=8
$ sudo qemu-nbd --connect /dev/ndb0 /var/lib/libvirt/images/W10.qcow2
qemu-nbd: Failed to open /dev/ndb0: No such file or directory
qemu-nbd: Disconnect client, due to: Failed to read request: Unexpected end-of-file before all bytes were read
$ ls /dev/nbd*
/dev/nbd0  /dev/nbd10  /dev/nbd12  /dev/nbd14  /dev/nbd2  /dev/nbd4  /dev/nbd6  /dev/nbd8
/dev/nbd1  /dev/nbd11  /dev/nbd13  /dev/nbd15  /dev/nbd3  /dev/nbd5  /dev/nbd7  /dev/nbd9

im useless


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