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Migrate from Samsung SSD to Samsung Nvme

Hello all,

I have 2 samsung ssd in my wife's system and going to add a samsung 970 nvme.
One of the ssd has windows on it  - the other primary ssd is arch of course.

I plan to use the samsung magician software while booted in the windows ssd to clone arch linux ssd to the nvme ?
Should the clone be successful - what else will I need to do to make everything boot ?
Has anyone done something similiar ?

Thanks for reading.


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Re: Migrate from Samsung SSD to Samsung Nvme


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Re: Migrate from Samsung SSD to Samsung Nvme

I have no experience with samsung magician and I personally wouldn't touch my archlinux system using windows.
If I were you I would simply do a full system backup with rsync while booted in archlinux. Have a good read of the section Full system backup of that page.


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Re: Migrate from Samsung SSD to Samsung Nvme

I was in exactly the same situation and I did the top to bottom method about 2 months ago. Keep in mind to use compatible partition formats (think about capital file names and symlinks in particular).

My method was similar to the article linked by @jonno2002. I first cleaned up the system as good as possible and then migrated it to the newly created partition with rsync (dont remember the flags I used). Note that i did not dd the whole partition since I wanted to resize in the process as well. While my old system and new one were working perfectly fine I would not recommend this procedure for everyone. A clean install where you only migrate a package list and the needed settings is what I would recommend. However since I did not find it necessary in my case and I was a bit lazy and had to use my system in the upcoming weeks and didn't want to spend a whole lot of time reconfiguring my new install, I figured that this was the way to go for me.

I still have the old copy of my OS on my sata-ssd. I will be deleting this and free up more space for fast accessible data storage. Probably in a month or so.
My whole process was very quick since copying from sata-ssd to nvme-ssd is very fast and so downtime was only minimized by my own incompetence :-P

Hope this helps.


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Re: Migrate from Samsung SSD to Samsung Nvme

I've recently swapped some storage around and did the top to bottom method that @jonno2002 mentioned and all went fine.

I used the arch installer iso written to a usb stick and booted that as a live system, made the relevant partitions and filesystems on the new storage, mounted them and the partitions from the old storage, then used rsync as @d_fajardo mentioned, specifically … em_cloning
Just remember to follow the top to bottom method fully: fstab, boot loader, initramfs, etc as it mentions.

Another alternative is to use something like clonezilla live, then maybe resize partitions afterwards if needed using something like gparted live.


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