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PulseAudio echo-cancel not working with pulse-effects

Hello, I am trying to get the Equalizer from pulseeffects to work with the echo cancellation but I can not manage to get it to work. It's always one or the other, if pulse-effects works, then the echo cancel stops working, if echo cancel works then the EQ stops working. Things that I noticed: when I enable the echo-cancel module un pulse audio, it creates 2 (streams?) one for the mic and other for the audio, upon further reading, it makes sense since it needs to know what the speakers are playing to know what to cancel, here is where the problem lies:
When I get pulse effects to be able to use the EQ, new (streams?) are added and I end up with 4 audio outputs and 2 inputs:

*Line-out(always works but vanilla, no EC and no EQ)
*PulseEffectApps(echo cancelled with monitor of pulse...) [wich almost never works, I don't know why, sometimes it will but most of the time wont, also the EQ will have a strange audio effect here.]
*PulseEffects(Apps) [always works and has the correct EQ settings. This is the one I wish I could listen to and be echo cancelled at the same time]
*PulseEffects(mic)[why is there a mic in the output??]
*Rear Microphone[always works, but no echo cancel.]
*Monitor of pulse effects mic(echo cancelled with PulseEff...)
Tried enabling and disabling the echo cancel module in Pulse Audio, wont work. Tried using the pulse-effects panel to redirect all audio through one stream, wont work. Tried to use the little speaker that lets you see all the streams and clicking on "play all audio via this device", also does not work.

Googled A LOT to see if people are experiencing the same problem, nothing found (Am I the only one trying to do this? Am I stupid for trying to do this? Is there a better way that I am not aware of?)
Also tried pipewire, but echo cancel is NOT supported at the moment, so I chose to remove it. keeping my eye on it in case they support it (and they said they want to so my hopes are up I guess. . .)
This problem is REALLY keeping me from using Linux as my almost full-time OS, since I game with speakers, the echo cancel is IMPERATIVE or people hear everything that I play or listen to. I "CAN" use the echo cancel without the EQ, but my setup sounds just SO HORRIBLE without it that it completely ruins the experience. Lost two days trying to fix this with a lot of things, any help will be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED.

Some screenshots:

Thank you in advance, and sorry for my atrocious English and noob experience with Linux.


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