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Arch crashes on high load (Battery)


Arch runs pretty fine on my laptop no big issues at all.
But when I let it run on battery and it's ~40-60% charge and I do anything with a high load on the laptop (start a VM, start a IDE, etc.) it just crashes.
I have enabled to suspend the laptop (not hybernate because I got no swap space), but this doesn't trigger (I set it to 10%).
I can get the battery down to 10-20% with only low load applications, so it shouldn't be that the percentages are wildly off.

I can run high load application when charging tho (even at low percentages) without an issue.
Is it still a battery issue or is there actually something else wrong?
Can I do something to prevent it? Would hybernate fix it?
Does anybody have any experiences?

Thanks for the replies!


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