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Dual Boot system w/ Windows and Arch can't boot after blue screen

Hi, I've been using a new dual booting (UEFI) computer these past few months with windows and Arch Linux without a problem.
A few days ago, while working on Windows, an infamous blue screen popped up informing about a "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" therefore forcing a reboot of the machine. I let it do it's thing and attempt to recover from the incident but it never did.

Now, when GRUB attempts to start Arch, it hangs after the prompt "Loading initial ramdisk" and it won't get past that point.

Things I've tried:
1- Obtain more output from GRUB at the start editing the Kernel_parameters: loglevel=7 and removing "quiet" option. No further info shown.
2- From GRUB command line, select as root partition the main Arch partition (looking for the /boot/grub folder) and boot from there. Still hangs at "Loading initial ramdisk"
3- With an USB installation device attempt to boot into Arch to delete disk partitions and proceed with a clean installation. The process never gets further than selecting the "installation option" in the first menu.(Hangs in a dark screen)
4- Same as option 3 but with Ubuntu. Same result
5- Use a windows USB installation to delete all partitions and proceed with a clean installation. The process never gets passed the windows logo.

If anyone has any ideas I'm open to try them, this is my personal computer which I use for uni and I'm kinda stranded without it. sad

Thanks a lot.


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