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iwctl not listing wifi networks during install

So I was trying to install arch using wifi as I usually do while installing it. When I did

 lspci -k 

it did say my wifi card is working but when I scan and try to list available networks it doesn't display anything

Meanwhile on solus(current distro) it does show my wifi but it doesn't use iwd. So I think this might be a bug within iwd
I used  torrent to download my iso and flashed it using balena etcher.

 ip link 

does show my wlan0 interface which is listed as wlp13s0 on solus and opensuse. Is this another possibile reason?

I am asking this question to know if this is a bug or some other issue and if there's a fix or workaround.


EDIT: I booted into artix and it lists my interface as wlan0 but does allow me to connect to a wifi network so the interface naming isnt the issue. Sorry for not doing enough tests on that part

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