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#1 2021-04-23 21:07:44

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TeamViewer 15.16.8 Segfaults when Connecting

TeamViewer 15.16.8 on arch (5.11.16-arch1-1) segfaults within 15 seconds of receiving an incoming connection. Outgoing connections seem to work fine.

Journal showing the error:

I am connecting from a  laptop (running Windows) to a desktop (which was recently upgraded, and is running arch). I currently don't have access to the arch machine, so I can't examine the log file to see what exactly was updated... but certainly the kernel and a bunch of qt libraries.

As a test, I installed TeamViewer on an up-to-date arch virtual machine and I observed the same thing: when arch receives an incoming connection, it segfaults, but when it initiates the connection it does not.

What can I do to troubleshoot this further?


abyss02, in the AUR, reports no problems with the build, so it must be something on my system...

I'm running x11, with an SDDM display manager, an xinitrc session, and the nouveau video driver with early KMS start.

Additionally, the physical machine (not the virtual machine) uses xorg-xrandr for multihead.

I'll be back onsite this week, so I can check the pacman log to see what exactly was updated. There may be some clues there. (This system was working prior to the upgrade.)

Unless anyone can read the stack trace? Is there anything there that suggests a direction to pursue?

I visited the remote site today and collected logs.
pacman log from the day TeamViewer broke -
dmesg from the same day -
journal from a boot showing the segfault -

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Re: TeamViewer 15.16.8 Segfaults when Connecting

On 4/21 I updated my system, including TeamViewer. This was the update that broke TeamViewer. So, I:

1. I uninstalled TeamViewer 15.16.8
2. Reverted my system back to 3/25 (which was my last update prior to 4/21.
3. Reinstalled TeamViewer 15.9.5 (which was the version I was running before the update).

TeamViewer works as expected.


1. Stopped the teamviewerd service.
2. Uninstalled teamviewer.
3. Upgraded the system to the following day.
4. Rebooted (as necessary).
5. Installed teamviewer 15.9.5.
6. Started the teamviewerd service.
7. Tested access.
8. Repeated steps 1-7 until reaching today, 4/28.

TeamViewer works as expected.

Well, actually that was unexpected, because I thought the reason I had upgraded TeamViewer was because it was broken, but I must have upgraded it as part of my normal monthly upgrades.

So, then...

1. Upgraded TeamViewer from 15.9.5 to 15.16.8.

TeamViewer again fails as detailed in post #1.

But now I see that TeamViewer is flagged as out-of-date. So, unless someone has some ideas of what I can check next, I guess I'll revert to 15.9.5 and wait for the next update.



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Re: TeamViewer 15.16.8 Segfaults when Connecting

15.16.8 as well as 15.17.6 (newest) segfault here too.

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