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Installed Arch in BTRFS /, not /@ subvolume

So, I installed Arch vanilla-ly, using btrfs-progs, and format to btrfs, then installed without creating a subvolume.

I planned to use TimeShift in BTRFS mode, but I cannot.

Now, what should be the next step? Convert to ext4? dd?

I also have some other issues, probably related to being a laptop.
- Laptop randomly freezing touchpad only (not keyboard)
- This laptop never have had backlit keyboard anyway, but there is always this annoying error in tty1

[FAILED] Fail to start Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of backlight:acpi_video1


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Re: Installed Arch in BTRFS /, not /@ subvolume

You could boot to a USB, chroot to Arch, and reconfigure your btrfs layout, if you know how do do that.

You'd have to pay close attention to the details, but a summary would be to create a read-write snapshot of your current Arch /, move it to a new '@/' subvolume, edit your fstab to point to the new subvolume, and establish bootability to the new location by generating a new grub.cfg or whatever you use to boot. And delete the old Arch /

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