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lenovo x201 mic fix

lenovo x201 laptop mic fix archlinux
as root:
amixer set Capture cap
pacman -Sy pulseaudio pavucontrol
as my user g:
pavucontrol   (capture section)

I was using to make videos but mic not working.
Searched many pages but in the end turing caputure on (not in alsa) and then installing pulseaudio and pavucontrol magically made it work.
I had to turn capture vlume down to 15% in pavucontrol to get rid of mic background but now works.
I love you !
fast and up to date software! freebsd just can't quite measure up! (lesser linux even nixos  let alone mac n windows aren't even in the race) works web framework awaits tinkering!
I love icewm and reiserFS  smile

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