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vnc server / plasma - same user running multiple instances

Until a few of months ago, when the TigerVNC configuration got updated I had our home server running two vnc-server instances for the same user. This way both my wife and I could connect in parallel if we ever needed to.

Back then I just had a single ~/.vnc/config and ~/.vnc/xstartup file and I enabled both instances with systemctl --user enable vncserver@:1 or :2, respectively.

Since the switch to a user mapping in /etc/tigervnc/vncserver.users I only managed to have one instance running correctly. I am mapping the same user to two different ports and start the server as described in the wiki. But when an initial connection is made to the second instance I just get the black plasma loading screen which eventually turns just black.  Every consequent connection to the second instance just stays black immediately without the loading splash screen. This also happens if I close the connection to the first instance or stop it all together. With second instance I do not mean the portnumber :1 or :2, but rather the order the vnc-server instances accept a connection. So whichever instance accepts a connection first is fine, independent of the port number.

I am not sure if it helps, but with i3 as a session in ~/.vnc/config I at least get to see the full desktop in both connections. This makes me think its more of a plasma issue.

My question: is there any way to have two vncserver instances running in parallel for the same user using plasma? I'd really like to avoid having another user or xsession for this to work again.


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