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#1 2006-11-03 15:49:00

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Just installed 0.7.2; what to do next?

I've been distro hopping for around 18 months now and I've heard so much good press about Arch that I decided to give it a try.
I installed 0.7.2 last night and I got to the command line.  I had a bit of problem with DHCP but thanks to ralvez's post on this thread I found the culprit.  I needed to set eth0="dhcp".  It seems to be working now.  I've run 'packman -Syu'.  I haven't installed X because I want to max my command line experience first - I'm trying to come off my GUI dependency.

I'd love to optimise Arch for my hardware but I don't know how to.  I know it has something to do with configuring these files:


but I don't know what to look for.  I'm a little scared that if I start tinkering I'll hose my install.

I also found phrakture's linux console colors link and I'm going to test it out just as soon as I get home from work.  It looks like fun.

Has anyone got any good command line suggestions (like phrakture's) for a n00b?


#2 2006-11-03 16:08:37

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Re: Just installed 0.7.2; what to do next?

pacman -Sy screen irssi htop mpd ncmpc

Now you can chat online and listen to music! ^_^

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#3 2006-11-04 01:08:24

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Re: Just installed 0.7.2; what to do next?

Add to that list:

bitlbee to use in irssi for your jabber, yahoo, icq, msn pals
w3m for browsing

Good luck smile

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Re: Just installed 0.7.2; what to do next?

In my opinion, since Arch does not have any graphical configuration tool, besides the ones included with desktops, or some web interface like cups or samba, You are defenitly going to improve your skills at the command line by simply using Arch. So installing your gui will simply add the comvinience to look at a wiki or google in firefox while testing some howtos with the command line right in the next window.

Using Arch as a desktop computer will improve your skills at the command line. But THE thing that makes you really good with it is configuring some kind of server, like a web server, or a database server, or a php website server (apache+mysql... big_smile ) or a web application server !!! That's Apache + Java + Tomcat + MySQL :twisted: (depends on the webapp.) and they must all work together !! So extra plugins to configure... All of this at the command-line since it is a server in the wardrobe... So no screen and connected via ssh.

Configuring a router at the command, and IP tables at the command line should be hard enought for a "n00b" wink (I still consider myself a n00b too, so you never stop to learn)

Vim is the best command-line text editor I know. Vi is a bit less intuitive. Nano have messed up with my config files too much already. Use it carefully.

And here is some reading about command line stuff

Have fun ! (I do...;))

P.S. : Tomcat does not need Apache to work, but since you want to learn...


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Re: Just installed 0.7.2; what to do next?

Shagbag wrote:

I'd love to optimise Arch for my hardware but I don't know how to.  I know it has something to do with configuring these files:


we somewhat recently switched to <a href="" target="_blank">mkinitcpio</a>, so you'd want to check that out . welcome to arch


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