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#1 2006-11-03 19:07:44

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Seach documentation

OK so I'm a noob, and I search the wiki and more then half time find either 50 hits that have nothing to what i'm looking for, or nothing at all. So then I search the forums have the same problem.

Here is an example: I go to the wiki and search for "delete user account" I try again "edit user account" and again "edit user" "delete user" and after reading 20 pages I try the same search on the forums, yet more then half the time I don't find the answer i'm looking for or even somewhat related to what I'm looking for.

Which of course is quite frustrating to spend 90 minutes looking for an answer to simple question and not find an answer, yet someone who is not a noob could tell you how to do in 22 seconds.

And searching google (non-site specific) for general linux question, well thats turns up everything from viagra countertops to windows 2003 server.

So tell me a better way to find linux specific questions / answers.


#2 2006-11-03 19:36:59

Mr Green
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Re: Seach documentation for a start

Mr Green


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Re: Seach documentation

The wiki search isn't that great... as for google, you just need to know how to refine your search... always add as many relevant words as you can... for example:


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Re: Seach documentation

You could also try your local LUG (linux user group).


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Re: Seach documentation

man -k account
Good place to start but won't always make sense without further refinement.


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