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[SOLVED] Should I create a new esp for new disk

I've already installed arch on /dev/sda:  /dev/sda1 for efi system partition (esp),  /dev/sda2 for arch root partition and /dev/sda3 for home partition
I boot arch linux with efi stub.

Now I want to install another linux distro on /dev/sdb.

Should I create another esp on /dev/sdb? Or just reuse the existing eps on /dev/sda1

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Re: [SOLVED] Should I create a new esp for new disk

Up to preference. Both cases should generally work well. I'd say the most problematic thing you might run into is how to convince "the other" linux distribution on which ESP it should pick/create depending on how the installation of that works.

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Re: [SOLVED] Should I create a new esp for new disk

I dual boot with windows and Arch. Decided to go with separate esp on each drive.

Since most modern motherboards now have UEFI support, I let the BIOS take care of the dual booting. Also, I can now move a drive to another machine with UEFI and boot it up.

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