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Blank display when trying to install

Original title (Can't get new PC to boot off Linux disk or USB)

Hi all.

I got a brand new computer (Asus Prime z590-p mobo) with Windows 10 installed. AHCI set, secure boot and fast boot disabled. Every time I try to boot from a installation USB my system just hangs and shows nothing on the display. Which is even more weird given the fact my Windows 10 installation USB booted just fine. Would reaally like to have Arch installed. My current hard drive with Arch boots fine in my laptop but ALSO freezes every time I try to boot after sticking it into the case and hooking it up. It seems I am destined to only run Windows on the new box until someone lends me a hand, because I'm stumped.

My guess is I need to remove the UEFI portion on my current Archlinux hard drive and configure EFISTUB through the BIOS? Don't want to do this, because if it doesn't work then I have a hard drive and OS I can't use.

I also noticed it reads my CentOS hard drive correctly (which uses GRUB).

Edit 1: I got it to read my USB but when I try to boot from it, it starts up the boot process and you can see a few lines of text going, but then it just goes blank and the display says no signal. Typing on my wireless (not sure if that matters) keyboard doesn't wake it up or do anything. I updated the BIOS and wiped and wrote the iso to USB a few times as it says to do in the wiki (as a tip). Still nothing seems to be working.

Edit 2: After some google-foo it looks like it might be an issue with the integrated graphics (Intel UHD 630). However with Arch being a rolling release you would think it would be able to handle it?!

Edit 3: Just now I typed in "poweroff" and it worked. It is obviously some kind of display issue!

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