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xpytile - auto. tiling & simultaneous resizing of adjacent windows

I wrote a python script which helps me automatically tiling the windows on my Xfce-desktop.
Also side-by-side windows are resized simutanously, if you wish.
Perhaps the script might be helpful for others.

Tiling and simultaneous resizing of side-by-side windows (not only) for Xfce.
Tested with Xfce, it should work with any window manager compliant to the EWMH standard.

A Python script to auto-tile and to simultaneously resize docked windows.

Simultaneous resizing of adjacent windows
5 different tilers

Hotkeys for:
- Tiling and/or simultaneous resizing can be enabled/disabled
- Tiling can be triggered manually on demand
- Changing tiler
- Storing and re-creating current windows layout
- Cycling windows

All settings are workspace specific.
So for each workspace you can choose independently,
if tiling is enabled and which tiler should be used.
No limit of supported workspaces
Pure Python, easily hackable

Hotkeys can be defined in the config-file.
Most important hotkeys (full set see config-file):
Super_L - 1  tiler - master and stack vertically
Super_L - 2   tiler - vertically
Super_L - 3   tiler - master and stack horizontally
Super_L - 4   tiler - horizontally
Super_L - 0   tiler - maximize
Super_L - 5   restore windows layout
Super_L - 6   store windows layout
Super_L - ^   cycle windows
Super_L - q   toggle simultaneous resizing (on/off)
Super_L - w   toggle tiling (on/off)
Super_L - a   shrink width/height of master window and (re-)tile
Super_L - s   enlarge width/height of master window and (re-)tile
Super_L - .   log name & title of active window in /tmp/xpytile_<USERNAME>.log
Super_L - -   exit

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