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Screen flicker while using mux laptop in dedicated gpu mode

So I have a lenovo legion y740, with an i7-9750h and a 2070 max-q.
My laptop has a MUX switch that lets me switch between
1) Dedicated GPU mode (laptop runs only on the nvidia card for better performance, Intel igpu is turned off )
2) Hybrid mode (igpu + dgpu is turned on, helps in saving battery life)
Now With proprietary drivers installed. I have no problem running on hybrid mode, everything works fine
But when I go to my bios and turn on dgpu mode, arch boots, but the second GPU wokload is even slightly strained (like say a 1080p60 video) the screen starts flickering heavily. Even without strain flickering is less frequent but still happens.

I had a look at
And only the first part of the page offers any info about laptop that HAVE a MUX switch.
I looked at how to solve screen flicker by forcing full composition pipeline and that did nothing:

I also looked at changing DRM modset, and only changed it in the config file ( I didn't do the latter half) and that too did nothing, but I wasn't sure if following through with it fully would solve screen tear, and honestly also wasn't 100℅ sure how to go about it: … de_setting
If anybody could please shed some light on the above, telling me what i did wrong and what I should do,  and links to related posts too would be much appreciated!

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