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#1 2021-06-09 21:26:47

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How to maintain active network connection?


I'd like to know how to maintain active the network connection?
I'm trying to synchronize annotations with software joplin and it takes hours and it seems that interruption of connection badly interferes with joplin.

I already did some stuff to avoid suspend and hibernation.

$ sudo systemctl mask

but it seems that it was not enough. Any idea in what kind of stuff I should seek? My configuration is on a laptop.


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Re: How to maintain active network connection?

The question is: what interrupts your network connection.
(The answer is going to be in the journal)

Could be a loss of the wifi signal, could be lease expiration (in which case you want to make the dhcp client ignore the promised lease a re-lease with a  configured freqency) could be that the NIC driver crashes, could be the NICs power saving (and slow awakening) could be some quota in the router.
And that's before TheInternet™ in case it's not a local connection.

ping -i60

will ping google every minute - whether that helps "to maintain active network connection" is a different matter.


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