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#1 2021-06-10 09:27:42

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acces denied to NTFS partition

a problem on my Arch installed on a SSD ; now access to my NTFS partition is denied ? this NTFS is also on the SSD
If I try to mount the partition , a msg indicate " ntfs system , not possible"
this  NTFS partition ( for windows 7 ) is fully accessible from my others linux i.e MX 21
Also I installed pamac there is a few month ,it was working well , but after an update it was no not  working  at all and I can't no more install it ( error during build ?) Could it be linked ?

Equipment:Desktop PC triple-boot  Home-common: Arch 19 KDE/ Mint Cinnamon 19-3-Tricia (W7 en VM) + Mx19 Xfce
Proc: Intel Pentium G3220 64b- CM: Gigabyte GA-H81M-HD3 Ram: 8 Go - CG : Intel HD direct X10
DD: Samsung 465 Go
Portable EeePC Asus R105D RAM 1 Go 1,66MHz-64 bits: Arch 19 Lxde/AntiX/BunsenLabs


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Re: acces denied to NTFS partition

Pamac is broken with the current pacman and it doesn't have any relation to  your current issue .

The kernel package maintainer has recently removed the read-only NTFS driver because there's not much point in using it if ntfs-3g is around so I'm assuming you didn't install the ntfs-3g package:

Not an installation issue, moving to NC

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