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Idea about Bio-ArchLinux Repository

Idea about Bio-ArchLinux
I have an idea, I would like to make Arch more biology-friendly, actually, I maintain and co-maintain 49 packages in AUR, all are related to biology and bioinformatics. But I think the community is greater, so I would like to call for people who are interested in biological packages to discuss creating a new packages repository, If anyone can help or would like to join, I would be appreciated it.
You can chat with me via Telegram @malacology
The aim of this repository

  • Make ArchLinux more Biology or Bioinformatics friendly.

  • Update the packages as soon as possible.

  • Maintain or create more and more software packages related to biology.

Todo List
But now I would need people to help me or discuss with me the following topics

  • How to create a packages repository?

  • How to sync with some of the AUR packages?

  • How to invite anyone interested to join? By Email or other?

  • How to do it when the current maintainers don't want to join?

Reason Why Bio-ArchLinux Repository
First, the difficulty met by Scientific Linux (Based on CentOS, previously based on RHEL) is from commercial company, they decide the developing direction,  so if Biologists would join the development of one Linux, the Linux would better be a community-driven Linux, such as Debian, ArchLinux.
Second, if we follow the action of Bio-Linux or Poseidon Linux, we need to pack the iso once one package is updated. That's why we need a new repository instead of new iso distribution.
Third, based on comparison of bioinformatics packages among Linux distributions (, ArchLinux has the most packages among these Linux distributions (Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Slackware), it's a great beginning. And it's simpler to update a package on Arch than on Debian (the distribution with secondly most packages)

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