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cpass - vim-like TUI for pass, the standard Unix password manager

I use pass to manage my passwords, but there is no good way to browse through my password store, so I made one myself (a screen recording available showing basic operations):

There is upass before this, but I think the way it lists the folders and files are not intuitive. Also, it has limited functionality and customizability. Most importantly, it's not a completely vim-like experience. Why not make a vim-like program for everything, right?

The UI and navigation of cpass is similar to lf, but instead of normal files, cpass is uniquely for the files of a password store. I have implemented preview, insert, generate, edit, delete, copy and search. It's quite customizable, e.g. the key bindings, colors and some others. This is still WIP, I will try to add more features into it to make it more worth using.

I am not a professional programmer, tho, this is my first time coding some program this big. So suggestion about anything in coding is really welcome and appreciated!


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