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Arch Linux Performance Optimized Repository with Refactored PKGBUILDs

Hi Arch users!

My name is Grigory and within a few months optimized build scripts for better performance.
Migrated packages to build with clang and llvm.
Added extra patches and got better system responce and stability.
Animations and graphics have better performance!
Some packages like libxml2 are newer than official.
glibc and libgcrypt have pkgrel+1(2). It's builds only with gcc.
It's maked for if official repository update pkgver then not broke the system.
Other packages have suffix +clang.
At the moment I have worked out almost all the packages affecting the performance of the system.
All packages compatible with Arch Linux and Manjaro Linux.

Several people helped me with the tests.
At the moment, the repository has left the testing phase and has shown good results.

Be careful minimal linux kernel version is 5.10.1!

We have two repositories: Intel Haswell+ and AMD Zen Optimized and AMD Ryzen Zen 2+ Optimized.
Older systems is't supported.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Project repository and extra information

Source files:
Be careful, packages tested only with build with clang and llvm.

Build script for build kernel with CLANG and LTO:
Information how to build kernel with LTO you are can find here: … aster/llvm

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Re: Arch Linux Performance Optimized Repository with Refactored PKGBUILDs



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