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#1 2021-07-08 00:37:57

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Display input loss with adaptive sync at low frame rates

I sometimes have an issue where if I run an application in full screen, and the frame rate drops well below my monitor's 144Hz refresh rate, the display output will become blank (black), though still with a signal. I've been trying to narrow down the culprit of this, but with no luck so far.

Here are some system details:

- Desktop Environment: Gnome Shell 40 on Xorg
- Driver: Proprietary Nvidia 465.31

- GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 (Supports GSync/Freesync)
- Display specs: 1080p 144Hz Freesync (connected with Display Port)

Additional info:
I used to run a second monitor (1080p@60Hz, now dead) in twinview mode, which allows me to still have my main monitor using adaptive sync. This issue DOES NOT occur in this scenario, regardless of the frame rate.

Any advice on where to look would be most appreciated.


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