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[REQUEST] Fmstrat/winapps


Would love to see this as an AUR package, preferrably with KDE Dolphin integration if possible.

Run Windows apps such as Microsoft Office/Adobe in Linux (Ubuntu/Fedora) and GNOME/KDE as if they were a part of the native OS, including Nautilus integration for right clicking on files of specific mime types to open them.


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Re: [REQUEST] Fmstrat/winapps

That application appears to have some issues :

- All commits to main were between 2020-11-07 and 2020-11-20 . The other 3 branches also show very little activity .
- no releases
- issue tracker shows 133 open issues
- there doesn't seem to be a license yet, Issue 17: Add License has not been solved after 8 months .

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Did you use the guided installer ? If yes, I can't help you.

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Re: [REQUEST] Fmstrat/winapps

Github wrote:

Proud to have made the top spot on r/linux on launch day.

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Re: [REQUEST] Fmstrat/winapps

A lot of the steps the installer performs require writing to a users home directory which is not allowed in PKGBUILDs.
The script winapps can be installed /usr/bin and I think the installer script would need to modified to create a new script that performs the per user steps.


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