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NVIDIA ~50% drop in FPS after update

I've moved to the archlinux from debian, because it works better with latest nvidia drivers, and everything was going well.

I was able to play Euro Truck Simulator at 144 fps, at low settings preset with 39% usage … -49-29.png

Which is what I'd expect, but now (at the same settings) I hit only ~100fps (and 36%gpu usage) … -17-05.png

And I was thinking - heh whatever, it's a few fps, who care, but then (at those spikes visible in mangohud) game is frozen for a half of second. … -07-14.png
this screenshot is from a settings set to high, the gpu isn't even used in half, and give me only 50fps, instead of 100, which I had before the update.

Is there some kind of logs that I should provide?

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Re: NVIDIA ~50% drop in FPS after update

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Re: NVIDIA ~50% drop in FPS after update

What got updated exactly? Check/post your /var/log/pacman.log


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