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Which Bluetooth 5.0 dongle/chipset works well with Arch?

Hi all,

I have an older laptop and it has Bluetooth 4.x built-in. I plan on getting wireless headphones (one of those cheaper wireless earbuds that come with a charging case) and most of those require/recommend Bluetooth 5. I've looked at some instructions on how to set them up and they require editing /etc/bluetooth/main.conf and changing the ControllerMode to "dual"   (# is "dual", i.e. both BR/EDR and LE enabled (when supported by the HW)). Seems simple. I have no idea how well they work in practice however.

I've been looking at various BT 5 USB dongles and I'm overwhelmed by acronyms, choices and protocols they offer. Does anyone use one of these things? Is there any chipset that's better supported than others? For example, I've been looking at getting a $5 dongle that's based on RTL8761BUV and there's a package in AUR that has the driver:

Would appreciate any guidance or advice.

Please vote for all the AUR packages you're using. You can mass-vote for all of them by doing: "pacman -Qqm | xargs aurvote -v" (make sure to run "aurvote --configure"  first)


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Re: Which Bluetooth 5.0 dongle/chipset works well with Arch?

Better look up something that doesn't require an out-of-tree driver

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