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grub with partion luks encryption of root, home, swap, but not boot


I am trying to install arch linux with disk encryption and seperate encrypted home partition (the encryption is requested by the school). everything works fine with the bootable USB, but when rebooting, I get the rescue prompt saying that the UUID (of the decrypted drive) is not found. I changed the mkinit(something).conf and edited the /etc/default/grub to contain:

cryptdevice=UUID=(UUID of non-decrypted device):cryptroot root=/dev/mapper/cryptroot

But when running the grub-mkconfig the /boot:grub/grub.cfg still contains the UUID of the decrypted drive (that isn't decrypted yet, so it ins't found) as root in the search commands, but also in the beginning of the (I think it's called) loadcommands.
After the wrong UUID, the cryptdevice is placed with the correct information. When starting grub it searches first for the wrong root, but can't find it and drops me into rescue prompt.

I changed the /boot/grub/grub.cfg to have the correct UUID's, removed the unnecessary root in the beginning and placed the cryptdevice first. also got rid of all the search lines with the wrong UUID. But still when starting grub throws me into rescue prompt because it can't find the device linked to the UUID of the decrypted device even tho I got rid of all references to it in the file.

Can someone help me please, btw I am not using any type of lvm. Swap and Home, I'll figure out later. I just wan't to be able to boot with the root partition.

Thanks in advance


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