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Boot Freeze!

Hello, I just finished setting up a new installation of archlinux. I encrypted the lvm2 partition that I want to use to store date. I setup grub and got arch linux to boot from the HDD and not the live usb, so that's a success. The problem I am having is that once archlinux starts from grub boot scree a prompt asks me for my partition's key. I type in the key and then the screen freezes. I'm still really new to linux, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Re: Boot Freeze!

Hello and welcome to the Arch Forums.

I don't know anything about LVM, so if your problem is related to that I won't be much help, but is the partition you said you want to store data on your home or root partition, or is it just a data partition?

When you booted your computer, you saw a GRUB menu and selected a boot option. Then you were presented with a prompt to enter your key. After entering your key, the computer shows a completely black screen indefinitely. Is that what happened?

Have you installed Arch Linux on this computer before?


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Re: Boot Freeze!

Friendly hint, Google is your friend.

I've never ran encryption or lvm2 etc, but a quick Google search shows atleast some time ago there where issues with Nvidia drivers missing kms or something(which I'm guessing good chance you're using then), so should disable graphical boot up if using this, well maybe other solutions also, as didn't bother read more than a minute in or so, but you can do little more digging yourself and e.g also if not using Nvidia either etc - note I didn't even yet check arch wiki sections regarding such so check that too if still issues: … e&ie=UTF-8

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