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Generate split package list from source

Hello, I am trying to write a PKGBUILD script for a large software.

Like python and its pypi packages, this one contains multiple plug-in packages and I think if I can create split packages like the python and `python-xxx` packages, it would be flexible and users can install them on their demand and saves space and time.

However, users may get different sources depending on their license, containing different amount of packages, I may not get the full list of these plugins until the build is done.

It seems that in makepkg the original list of pkgname is protected and not modifiable through functions.

My current thought to this is that use the exec command to split the building and packaging stages:

build() {
exec sh -c "makepkg -p <some generated makepkg script> --repackage && rm <some generated makepkg script>"

But this is kind of dirty. Could anyone hint me with some better solutions?


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Re: Generate split package list from source

PKGBUILDs are processed by makepkg , calling makepkg from within a PKGBUILD is very likely unsupported.

There is atleast one set of aur packages that are created by a  PKGBUILD generator hat converts upstream binaries into multiple packages / PKGBUILDS.

Maybe that method will work for your case, check .

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